Springing Off Your Mat

Is easier than it sounds! We have a force field around us, within us that is packed with powerful momentum, just waiting to be unleashed! Yet. often times we feel tired, and we hesitate to move, without knowing why. The mind chatter tricks us into believing that we have less energy than we think we do!  We we feel tired we are thinking too far into the future and holding all the burdens that our mind has imagined we have to face. Yet, if we just take a tiny step, a loud and mindful exhale, with the BELIEF in ourselves that we are truly awesome, the rest will speak for itself!

In the past couple weeks, we have been dialing it up on the mat. Everyone is springing up together, keenly focus on the moment and  finding a sense of refreshment in their yoga practice! People’s energy shines out from the corners of the room and that is just the way I like class to unfold. WE ARE ALL MEANT TO SHINE!

On a physical level, we start to focus more on NAVAL CHAKRA, MANIPURA- the area where we engage the Uddiyana Bandha for pranayama breathing exercises. This 3rd chakra is HARA- Will Power. We chose here to Spring into LIFE. We don’t just leave the odds to FATE- we create what it is we think we are capable of and that becomes our FATE.  Sometimes we need to take more time to get to know ourselves, to devote our practice to ourselves and fully feed the spirit that guides us in each moment.

For those of you interested in taking some quality time for yourself, I have created an epic retreat for Springing off your Mat and into some new exciting moments in life.

St. Augustine is known as “The Ancient City” and attracts tourists from all over the world! 
It’s artistic cobblestone streets are a fun stroll along. Explore many fascinating landmarks and a variety of unique shops.
Just across the bridge from the stunning bayside is St. Augustine beach, offering a serene, and vibrant place to unwind.

You are invited to a remarkable weekend filled with just the things you have been wanting to do!

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