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Awakened Yoga Retreat


Awakening Yoga Retreat

Have you heard the funny joke about Year 2020.... Written by Stephen King, Directed by Quentin Tarantino?  AND.... We are half way there!!!  Praise the Universe. It is JULY!
You know if we can make it half way WE ARE going to make it ALL the way! 

The first half of the year, I've been living like a silent mystic and rest assured been thinking of you!  In this whirlwind, my muladhara (root of my spine) has maintained its core by the power of prayer! After several anti-climaxes and a final breakthrough, we have finally sold our home in GA and officially moved to Florida and blessed with new careers that benefit humankind!  Lucky for us, we are in area that is minimally affected by the covid 19 virus. Regardless, I've been in the front lines, providing much needed services in the healing arts. I wear whatever armor is needed to deliver results. Moving forward with a fierce focus on victory over darkness is an essential skill developed from yoga practice. 

In Flagler County Florida, spa services are available for yoga, chakra balancing, life coaching, energy clearings and other types of healing....

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Best Time to Do Yoga

Best Time to Do Yoga

You have perfect timing choosing to read this email at this moment. We tap into that pulsation of the universe, those healing vibrations when we tune into yoga energy. Is there a bad time or a better time to do yoga we may wonder?

The best time to practice yoga is when you feel the most fresh. Traditionally, yoga practices such as mantra chanting and meditation may start as early as 4am when the energy is quiet and settled, externally and perhaps internally in the mind also. However, practically speaking, each of us is wired differently and operating at difference frequencies.

We have an internal radar that knows when our bodies energies feel most prepared, balanced or eager to be replenished with our source energy- consciousness. Our mind may still not be as excited as our inner voice that gently says… NOW. We know when we are being supported by this voice and allowing ourselves to be guided because it feels like we are in the flow, the zone, the zen, things just happen effortlessly.

I teach yoga at different times of the day, sometimes morning, lunch or even late evening and...

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Springing Off your Mat

Springing Off Your Mat

Is easier than it sounds! We have a force field around us, within us that is packed with powerful momentum, just waiting to be unleashed! Yet. often times we feel tired, and we hesitate to move, without knowing why. The mind chatter tricks us into believing that we have less energy than we think we do!  We we feel tired we are thinking too far into the future and holding all the burdens that our mind has imagined we have to face. Yet, if we just take a tiny step, a loud and mindful exhale, with the BELIEF in ourselves that we are truly awesome, the rest will speak for itself!

In the past couple weeks, we have been dialing it up on the mat. Everyone is springing up together, keenly focus on the moment and  finding a sense of refreshment in their yoga practice! People’s energy shines out from the corners of the room and that is just the way I like class to unfold. WE ARE ALL MEANT TO SHINE!

On a physical level, we start to focus more...

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