Best Time to Do Yoga

You have perfect timing choosing to read this email at this moment. We tap into that pulsation of the universe, those healing vibrations when we tune into yoga energy. Is there a bad time or a better time to do yoga we may wonder?

The best time to practice yoga is when you feel the most fresh. Traditionally, yoga practices such as mantra chanting and meditation may start as early as 4am when the energy is quiet and settled, externally and perhaps internally in the mind also. However, practically speaking, each of us is wired differently and operating at difference frequencies.

We have an internal radar that knows when our bodies energies feel most prepared, balanced or eager to be replenished with our source energy- consciousness. Our mind may still not be as excited as our inner voice that gently says… NOW. We know when we are being supported by this voice and allowing ourselves to be guided because it feels like we are in the flow, the zone, the zen, things just happen effortlessly.

I teach yoga at different times of the day, sometimes morning, lunch or even late evening and each time of day has a different combination of benefits. What I have found in my own practice is that gentle yoga is really good for replenishing depleted energy. Chanting mantras followed by brief meditation leads to more energy that can be poured into a yoga practice on the mat. That is if you make it that far.

Other forms of yoga practice are just as valuable if not more vital. Even as an add on, a brisk walk in nature can support a yoga practice done later on in the day. Later in the day, is good for burning off restless energy to bring the holistic self back to center. Middle of the day is helpful for motivation, when we feel like we are dragging or something is missing. It provides a supportive stepping stone to the next chapter of our day.

Whether we chose to start yoga later in the day or even later in life that we had wished or hoped for, it still becomes for us whatever we need it to become, when we give it a fair chance. When we get to that place where we feel really in harmony and then think “I’m good, no need to keep going.” that’s the point when its most precious to keep going. At that point, we are choosing to take on our lives and explore WHO WE REALLY ARE, not what we feel like being in any given moment.

I hope to hear from you or see you this festive Spring or maybe even in the simmering Summer. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the perfect timing of yoga in your life!

Kam Minshew, MA, NMT

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